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I have transferred the Linked Glossary to this website. This involves transferring hundreds of subfiles. I would appreciate being alerted to any broken links. This Linked Glossary was created when I translated the excerpts from Herman Dooyeweerd’s De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee (Philosophy of the Law-Idea) [‘WdW’]. I was surprised to see that many essential terms of Dooyeweerd’s philosophy were not included or indexed in Volume 4 of A New Critique of Theoretical Thought [NC], which is a translation and revision of the WdW. I was also surprised how many of these terms are defined in terms of each other, and are used in ways that the translators had not understood. Nor had the terms been translated in a consistent way, which is not surprising, since different translators were used for each volume of the NC. By linking these definitions in a glossary, I was able to understand Dooyeweerd’s philosophy in a unified way, and in a way that I believe honours his original intent. It also allowed me to connect his ideas to the sources that he used for his philosophy.

2 thoughts on “Linked Glossary

  1. Thank you Dr. Friesen for this generous sharing of your scholarship. Glad to help out with dead links as requested.

    I found this link to the term ‘A-priori’ broken on the main glossary page and (at least on one more page:) the ‘objective’ page:

    This URL gives me your A-priori page:
    …and the URL is automatically changed to:
    …which seems to be the convention.

    Warmest regards.


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