James Skillen’s critique of Trump

James Skillen, former director of Citizens for Public Justice, has written this article that is very critical of the Trump administration. I know Skillen, and have discussed reformational philosophy with him at his home in Annapolis, Maryland. I am glad to see that he is taking this stand against Trump. I wish he had gone even further and explained how some mistaken ideas in reformational philosophy, and in the Christian schools that he supports, have directly contributed to the present political situation.


Betsy DeVos and Christian Schools

Betsy DeVos, the new Education Secretary in the US, comes from a Christian Reformed background, and is a supporter of charter schools, including Christian schools. This Atlantic Monthly article traces her heritage back to Abraham Kuyper and the education debates in the Netherlands. But it makes the important point that in the Netherlands, there is regulation of religious schools, whereas DeVos is opposed to government regulation. So apart from the fact that DeVos will be weakening the public system, her support for unregulated Christian schools will encourage those schools to continue to teach alternative science and alternative facts, all in the name of an “antithetical” worldview. I believe that such Christian schools do more harm than good. Dooyeweerd tried to correct such mistaken ideas when he opposed creation science, and when he affirmed that there are common states of affairs despite different worldviews. I hope that reformational philosophers will see how an incorrect idea of worldview and antithesis has led to Trump’s outrageous nonfactual viewpoints, and that they will speak out against DeVos’s views.