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(references to De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee, unless indicated)


Dooyeweerd does not use this term. Baader believed that Humanity was originally created as an androgynous being, and that the division into sexes was a result of the fall.

There is an idea here of an original supratemporal non differentiated whole, out of which the differentiated temporal world arises in the Fall. Even humanity was originally an undifferentiated androgynous whole. The goal is to return to the original wholeness, or Pleroma. This idea is also in Augustine. See also Gospel of Thomas, which speaks of a return to unity from an original androgynous whole.

The idea of an androgynous unity is also found in C.G. Jung. But Jung was influenced by Baader in many respects.

See my article “Sophia, Androgyny and the Feminine in Franz von Baader’s Christian Theosophy” has been published in “Adyan/Religions”, a bilingual Arabic/English journal based in Doha, in its issue devoted to the topic “Women and the Feminine in World Religions.”