Linked Glossary of Terms
(references to De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee, unless indicated.See concordance for correlation with pages in the New Critique. The concordance is in pdf format.)

approach II, 420
approximate I, 39, 71
II, 414; NC I, 34 (philosophical-theoretical attitude approximates time in the analytic splitting up of the aspects, which nevertheless retain their coherence), 57 (religion can be approximated only in the concentric direction of our consciousness, not in the divergent one, not as a Gegenstand)

We approximate in an Idea that which cannot be comprehended in a concept. In theoretical concepts, there has been a dis-stasis, and an epoché from the continuity of.cosmic time. Ideas are an attempt to approximate the continuity of cosmic time (I, 71).

Theoretical intuition is the condition of all synthesis of meaning by which we obtain knowledge. It can never be contained in a concept, but can only be approximated in a transcendental Idea.

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