Linked Glossary of Terms
(references to De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee, unless indicated. See concordance for correlation with pages in the New Critique. The concordance is in pdf format.)

genetic I, 11

NC I, 9 (genetic relativity of meaning)

Our knowledge is both from and to the Origin. Critical or transcendental philosophy seeks the totality of meaning. But philosophy is also directed by its Ground-Motive, and by its choice of position with respect to the Origin. The critical can therefore not be separated from the genetic. Critical theory must lead to the genetic relativity of meaning (I, 11; NC I, 9).

Another meaning of the genetic is related to the retrocipations in time. The order of the aspects is an order of succession, of earlier and later. Dooyeweerd shows how the modal order is the same time order in which these functions begin to operate in the life of a newborn baby (NC II, 112-13).

Dooyeweerd says that our central supratemporal heart is the sphere of all occurrences of our actions. These actions are expressed in our temporal functions. I believe that this means that our actions unfold in an order of earlier and later as well.

There is therefore (1) a temporal unfolding within the (2) ontically structured aspects. What happens in the temporal or ‘earthly’ cosmos is an expression of our supratemporal selfhood.

Revised May 6/06