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(references to De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee, unless indicated. See concordance for correlation with pages in the New Critique. The concordance is in pdf format.)

metastasis term used by Baader

Baader compares ecstasy or being enraptured, with metastasis or being displaced. A title of one of his works says this: “Über den Begriff der Extasis (Verzücktheit) als Metastasis (Versetztheit).” (Philosophische Schriften I, 311). To act in the world, we suspend our full integral being as body, soul and spirit.

‘Extase’ is a transposition or a metastasis (IV, 156). See my 2011 article,”Enstasy, Ecstasy and Religious Self-reflection:A history of Dooyeweerd’s Ideas of pre-theoretical experienceA history of Dooyeweerd’s Ideas of pre-theoretical experience.”

Ju14/11 Added reference to 2011 article