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(references to De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee, unless indicated. See concordance for correlation with pages in the New Critique. The concordance is in pdf format.)

prayer NC II, 562

Dooyeweerd does not speak much about prayer. Ian Ridgway has pointed out the following reference:

In the limitation and weakness of the flesh, we grasp the absolute truth in our knowledge of God derived from His revelation, in prayer and worship. This knowledge in the full sense of the word contains the religious principle and foundation of all true knowledge, and primarily has a religious enstatic character. It no more rests primarily on a theoretical meaning-synthesis than does the cosmic self-consciousness. (NC II, 562)

It is interesting that in this quotation, Dooyeweerd places prayer in relation to our (non-theoretical, enstatic) knowing, and to God’s revelation, and not in relation to petitions.

Baader says this about prayer,

The true thoughts are only those that themselves think through and in us, like the true words of prayer, which themselves speak in and through us (Elementary Concepts Concerning Time, 534).

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