My articles about Dooyeweerd

New Research on Groen van Prinsterer and the Idea of Sphere Sovereignty

Dooyeweerd’s Idea of Modalities: The Pivotal 1922 Article (Philosophia Reformata, Vol. 81, Issue 2 (2016), 113-155.)

95 Theses on Herman Dooyeweerd (Philosophia Reformata 74 (2009) 78-104)

Response to Gerrit Glas and Henk Geertsema

Current Reformational Philosophy and the “95 Theses on Herman Dooyeweerd”

J.H. Gunning, Christian Theosophy and Reformational Philosophy (A shorter version of this book review was published in 72 Philosophia Reformata (2007) 86-91).

A Response to Roy Clouser’s Aristotelian Interpretation of Dooyeweerd (Philosophia Reformata 75 (2010) 97-116.)

Reply to Roy Clouser

Dooyeweerd versus Vollenhoven: The Religious Dialectic within Reformational Philosophy (Philosophia Reformata 70 (2005) 102–132)

Individuality Structures and Enkapsis: Individuation from totality in Dooyeweerd and German Idealism

Imagination, Image of God and Wisdom of God: Theosophical Themes in Dooyeweerd’s Philosophy

Monism, Dualism, Nondualism: A Problem with Vollenhoven’s Method

Dooyeweerd versus Strauss: Objections to immanence philosophy within reformational thought

Dooyeweerd, Spann and the Philosophy of Totality (Philosophia Reformata 70 (2005) 2-22).

Integral Nondual Philosophy: Ken Wilber and Herman Dooyeweerd

Review of Andre Troost: What is Reformational Philosophy?

Dooyeweerd’s Philosophy of Aesthetics: A Response to Zuidervaart’s Critique

Enstasy, Ecstasy and Religious Self-Reflection: A History of Dooyeweerd’s Ideas of Pre-theoretical Experience

Standing in the Truth: A Response to Lambert Zuidervaart

Dooyeweerd, Marlet and the new Catholic Theology: From Baader to Pope Benedict

Did Dooyeweerd contradict himself? A Response to D.F.M. Strauss

Principles and Positivization: Dooyeweerd and Rational Autonomy

Review of Robert Sweetman (ed): In the Phrygian Mode (Philosophia Reformata 72 (2006) 184-188).

Review of Johann Stellingwerff: History of Reformational Philosophy (Philosophia Reformata 71 (2006) 193-195).

Why did Dooyeweerd want to pull out his hair?

The religious dialectic revisited


The Mystical Dooyeweerd: The relation of his thought to Franz von Baader

The Mystical Dooyeweerd Once Again: Kuyper’s use of Franz von Baader