Books and Articles by Dooyeweerd

A New Critique of Theoretical Thought (originally published 1953-55). Available online through DBNL.

Volume I: The Necessary Presuppositions of Philosophy
Volume II: The General Theory of the Modal Spheres
Volume III: The Structures of Individuality of Temporal Reality
Volume IV: Index of Subjects and Authors

De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee (The Philosophy of the Law-Idea). Originally published 1935-36.
Because A New Critique of Theoretical Thought frequently mistranslates the Dutch text, I have made my own translation, together with Study Notes to be consulted with the translation:

Translation of excerpts from De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee
Study Notes for De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee

A rough Table of Concordance between De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee and A New Critique of Theoretical ThoughtA New Critique of Theoretical Thought is not merely a translation of De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee, but an extensive revision. This document gives some idea of where the major changes were made.

The Romantic Poetry of Herman Dooyeweerd 1912-13

A Lay Person’s thoughts on Richard Wagner and his Tristan (Opbouw:Maandschrift in dienst der Christ. Levens-en wereldbeschouwing, van en voor jongeren (1914) 5-10; 66-68.

Neo-mysticism and Frederik van Eeden (Almanak van het studenten corps van de Vrije Universiteit, 1915)

The Disconsolateness of Wagnerianism (Opbouw: Maandschrift in dienst der Christ. Levens-en wereldbeschouwing, van en voor jongeren (1915) 97-112).

An Old Debt to a Pariah (Opbouw: Maandschrift in dienst der Christ. Levens-en wereldbeschouwing, van en voor jongeren (1916) 161-180).

The Investigation of Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven by the Curators of the Free University

Dooyeweerd’s First Letter to the Curators, April 27 1937
Dooyeweerd’s Second Letter to the Curators (Oct 12, 1937)
Vollenhoven’s First Response to the Curators
Dooyeweerd’s Third Letter (excerpt)
Propositions of Prof. Dr. H. Dooyeweerd (March 19, 1938)
Propositions of Prof. Dr. D.H.Th. Vollenhoven (1938)
Letter from the Curators (1939)
Dooyeweeerd’s Response to the Curators (1939)
Vollenhoven’s Response to the Curators (1939)

The Problem of Time in the Philosophy of the Law-Idea (translation of “Het Tijdsprobleem in de Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee,”  Philosophia Reformata 5 (1940) 160-192, 193-234

The theory of man in the Philosophy of the Law-Idea: 32 Propositions on Anthropology (“De leer van den mensch in de Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee,” Correspondentie-Bladen VII (Dec. 1942).

The Idea of the Individuality Structure and the Concept of Substance: A Critical Investigation into the Thomistic doctrine of being (translation of “De Idee der Individualiteits-structuur en het Thomistic substantiebegrip: een critisch onderzoek naar de grondslagen der thomistische zijnsleer,” Philosophia Reformata 8 (1943), 65–99; 9 (1944) 1–41, 10 (1945) 25ff, 11 (1946) 22ff.

Encyclopedia of the Science of Law (1946) (excerpt)

introduction to a Transcendental Criticism of Theoretical Thought (Evangelical Quarterly XIX (1) Jan 1947).

Dooyeweerd’s Encyclopedia of the Science of Law: Problems with the present translation

Center and Periphery: The Philosophy of the Law-Idea in a Changing World (1964)

Interview of Herman Dooyeweerd by Magnus Verbrugge (1974)

The last Interview of Dooyeweerd (1975)

Dooyeweerd’s Last Article (1975) (A translation of “De Kentheoretische Gegenstandsrelatie en de Logische Subject-Objectrelatie,” Philosophia Reformata 40 (1975) 83-101.